Solar Beach Lantern


I have lived most of my life near the ocean and love the smell of the salt filled air, the ocean breeze, and the feel of sand between my toes. Since moving further inland, I miss going to the beach on the weekends. Thus, I decided to bring a little bit of the beach to me by creating a solar-powered lantern that mimics the sun shimmering on the ocean floor. What is best about this project is that it is quick and easy and requires absolutely no tools.

What you will need…

  1. A solar jar lid.
  2. A jar of your choice (make sure the solar lid fits). I choose Ball Smooth Jar because it looks like lead glass, which crates the ripple pattern of the ocean waves.
  3. Glass beads of your choice. Since I was going for an ocean theme, I went with clear aqua and frosted sea-foam.


Let’s get started…

Step 1

Make sure your workspace is clean and can withstand the glass beads. You can use craft paper or a towel to protect both your workstation and your project.

Step 2

Remove the old lid to the jar. Tilt the jar at an angle and gently fill with glass beads. Tilting the jar keeps the noise level down and help avoid any beads from getting chipped.



Step 3

Turn on the switch to the solar light lid and twist onto jar. Wait till dusk (or close all your blinds).

Step 4



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