Sea Glass Bottles

I was looking for a fun craft project that’s kid-friendly. My son loves to collect sea glass at the beach and always wants to save his glass drink bottles. I settled on a project that combined the two, painting bottles to look like sea glass. The preferred method called for Elmer’s glue but stated that Mod Podge could be substituted. Since I was sans Elmer’s, I went with the alternative. The procedure is straightforward. Just mix the glue with a few drops of desired food coloring. Food coloring is very concentrated, so go easy on how many drops you add. My son chose to combine blue and green to create a turquoise effect. I chose red, and a little blue for a rose effect.

Once the colors are mixed thoroughly in the glue, apply a thin coat to the outside of a glass bottle with a paintbrush of choice. Let dry completely, so the glue no longer feels tacky to the touch. We let ours dry overnight.

We were curious to see the effects of a second layer and decided to repeat the process. You can see the difference in the photo below. The second coat created a deeper more opaque color. The Mod Podge left a glossier finish than beach glass has, even though I used a matte finish. However, we are pleased with the results.

3 sea glass



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