Picture Board

Wanting to create a board that holds multiple images, I set out to create a vertical display frame. I was after a Victorian Era color scheme with a modern flair. I decided to use chalk paint, an Ikat pattern stencil for the design, and to “age” the paint with a coat of wax. I wanted to play a little with different colors and finishes, so I used two different shades of aqua for the base colors. I also sanded the edges and surface of only the lighter colored board to expose some paint and wood before finishing with wax. I ended up liking both looks, and decided to create a picture board out of one, and used the other as a decoration on a shelf.

This is a quick recap of the project, as it was an opportunity for me to play. For a more detailed description of a project that is similar to this project, please go to Ocean Waves Decorative Tray.

This first picture shows the darker aqua paint color before adding the wax (on the left) and after applying the wax (on the right). The base coat with applied using a corse brush for texture. Once dry, I used the stencil I liked, adding various colors of paint with the use of small sponges. One of the paint colors I used was shimmer chalk, and as you can see on the right, it added some variations in the way the wax appears in the finished look.


Below are the two different colored boards side-by-side for comparison. The lighter one is on the left, and the darker one is on the right. A fundamental difference between the looks was the sanding (and the amount of it). In the areas where I lightly sanded, the wax did not have any texture to adhere to, thus allowing for areas of paint to shine through. In areas where I sanded down to bare wood, allowed these areas to darken due to the wax being absorbed.


Last, an image of the completed picture board and the second board as a decorative piece.



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