Distressed Beach Inspired Picture Stands

After seeing my Double-Sided Antiqued Picture Stands project, my friend asked me to make her some picture stands to match her home’s theme.

I decided to forgo the paper and use a free-hand technique with wax to create an aged look. This process is actually rather simple to achieve.

What you will need…

  1. Paint brushes (rough bristle and small foam)
  2. Your choice of paint and wax
  3. Paint markers in your choice of colors
  4. Two small clothespins in your choice of color
  5. Rag
  6. Stencils (optional)
  7. Stamps and pad (optional)
  8. Cement glue





Let’s get started…

Step 1

Prepare your workstation to protect surfaces. I chose craft paper available on a roll to cut to size.

Step 2

Paint your stand.

I suggest a paper plate to pour a small amount of paint onto. I used a rough bristle brush as the desired end result was a distressed and textured finish. This is also the reason I used chalk paint, as I wanted an aged appearance to the finish.


Step 3

Apply wax.

Again, pouring a small amount of wax onto a clean paper plate will make it easier to apply wax.

I used a foam brush so I could get a rough, dry finish, using a clean, dry rag to wipe and smudge as desired. This is where you get to be artistic and personalize the end result, but don’t be afraid as this step is very forgiving. Dip the brush into the wax and then wipe excess off on the craft paper used to protect your workstation. Now gently wipe the brush in the direction of the grain of the wood. The more you go back over the same areas, the more wax you will leave behind. Feel free to skip some areas altogether, to expose the color underneath, but don’t forget to get the sides of your stand and your mini clothespins.



Step 4

This step adds a lot of personality to your project. Since the desired end result is a distressed relaxed beach look, I stamped the words, “sand” “sun” “& fun” on the bottom of the stands.


Step 5

Attach mini clothespins.

I used cement glue, applying the adhesive on the clothespin with a small paintbrush to keep excess to a minimum. Follow package instructions for application and drying time.


Step 6

Create small image cards of choice to hang on stand. I choose to free-hand draw beach inspired images in gold and silver (using the back of index cards). These act as a space holder until my friend finds the perfect pictures of her beach vacation to place on her new picture stands.


Step 7

The finished look.



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