Double-Sided Antiqued Picture Stands


I decided I wanted to display some photographs, but where I wanted them would require double-sided frames. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and decided to create a project. What I love about this project is the versatility it offers. I decided to cover one side of the picture stand with a neutral design and the other with a boulder more colorful design and pattern. What I love most about the design is how quick and easy it is to update the photographs.

First, you will need to choose what you want your frame stand to look like. Is there a particular color scheme you prefer, a specific holiday, or an event? There are a ton of paint colors and finishes to choose from. You can further customize your design with different finishes. I like to purchase thick paper in a pack because the designs on the paper usually co-ordinate in color and pattern, taking a lot of the guess-work out of the decision-making process.

What you will need…

  1. Paint brushes (I used a foam brush and smooth bristle for this project, but you can use a rough bristle for added texture), a small clean cloth (an old piece of t-shirt works), and foam fine grit sandpaper (optional).
  2. Cardstock with desired designs (I chose Jim Holtz Idea-ology) and mini clothespins (2 per stand).
  3. Wax, glue, and paint.
  4. Wooden picture stand.
  5. Paper plates. These are used to pour only a small amount of paint and wax onto a little at a time.
  6. Craft paper to protect work surfaces.
  7. X-Acto knife.
  8. Whittling knife or pocket knife.

Let’s get started…

Step 1

Prepare your workstation with craft paper.

Step 2

Paint your stand. I used a medium foam brush for quick application, and chalk paint since I want my result to have an aged look and to absorb the wax coating. The wax will add both a customized finish and protect your project.


Step 3

Apply a thin coat of glue onto the stand using a soft bristle brush. Apply desired paper, and press down firmly and smoothly. MOD PODGE makes a roller that helps ensure a smooth and even application. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.


Step 4

Once the glue has dried, place the wooden stand face down onto a cutting surface and cut along the edge of your stand using an X-Acto knife. I used an old cardboard box and cut parallel to the groves of the cardboard. Repeat the process in step 3 and 4 for the other side (if you want your stand double-sided).


Step 5

Whittle the edges of the stand to the desired effect using a whittling knife or pocket knife. Make sure the blade is sharp and cut moving away from you in smooth strokes. It is ok if this step is a little imperfect as it will add to the charm of the result.  Sandpaper can be used to smooth down any areas or edges.


Step 6

Apply wax to the entire stand using a corner of a clean, dry cloth. Wipe off excess with a dry section of the fabric. Pouring a small amount onto a paper plate will make this step much less messy. The wax color I chose will darken the paper and exposed wood, yet soften and add warmth to the onyx paint color. Choose a wax that works for the look you want.


Step 7

Apply the clothespins using a small amount of cement glue to the pin and place the pin at the top center of the stand. Hold the clothespin in place according to package directions. Let dry completely.


Step 8

Add pictures, tickets, playing cards, keys, or whatever you want to display.


My son found inspiration in this project and created a wallhanging using a wooden Christmas ornament and following the steps above. He chose not to add a clothespin, and use his piece as a decorative accent instead.



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