Cabinet Upgrade

I was looking for a new cabinet to go in my dining room and found a piece I felt was perfect. The price, however, was not. Especially since I would need two of the said cabinets to fill the space. I contemplated what to do since at this point I was set on the look … Continue reading Cabinet Upgrade

Solar Beach Lantern

  I have lived most of my life near the ocean and love the smell of the salt filled air, the ocean breeze, and the feel of sand between my toes. Since moving further inland, I miss going to the beach on the weekends. Thus, I decided to bring a little bit of the beach … Continue reading Solar Beach Lantern

Picture Board

Wanting to create a board that holds multiple images, I set out to create a vertical display frame. I was after a Victorian Era color scheme with a modern flair. I decided to use chalk paint, an Ikat pattern stencil for the design, and to “age” the paint with a coat of wax. I wanted to … Continue reading Picture Board

Ocean Waves Decorative Tray

As I have mentioned before, I love the beach and the ocean. The salty air, the turquoise colors of the shimmering water, the texture and variations in the beach wood that washes to shore, not to mention the white dust the sand leaves behind, all inspired this decorative tray. I wanted to bring the pattern … Continue reading Ocean Waves Decorative Tray

Sea Glass Bottles

I was looking for a fun craft project that’s kid-friendly. My son loves to collect sea glass at the beach and always wants to save his glass drink bottles. I settled on a project that combined the two, painting bottles to look like sea glass. The preferred method called for Elmer’s glue but stated that … Continue reading Sea Glass Bottles