Teacher Appreciation

This is a fun little project that is easy for the kids to do, with a little parental help. The fun part is the kids get to pick out the plants and pots they want. The examples above show two old jars spray painted yellow and two little sauce bowls. The poles for the flags are straws and the flags were printed from a free download online.


After spray painting the jars and letting them fully dry, twine was wrapped around the tops and tied in a bow. Soil was added to the jars till about half-way to the top. The desired plants were added and soil was worked in around the plant. The soil was gently pressed down onto and beads were added to finish.


Two sauce bowls were picked out in the kitchen section of the store. Soil was added to about one-third of the way to the top. The desired plants were added and soil was gently filled in around the plants. The soil was then gently pressed down on around the plants and finished with beads.


A downloadable “teacher appreciation” template was found online and printed out on the home printer using card stock. The poles for the flags are hard plastic straws that have been cut in half. The flags were hot glued onto the straws and allowed to cool. Once cooled the flags were pressed into the soil.

Happy Teacher Appreciation!